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  • What is Hero Blue?
    Hero Blue is a cloud-based finance schedule generation and storage tool. Hero Blue allows all your schedules to be stored in one simple and secure location, and the best part is you can do all of this for free. If you choose to utilise our software’s seamless integration with Xero we have a range of cost effective pricing plans where you will be charged based on your level of usage, you can checkout our pricing plans here.
  • Who is Hero Blue Designed for?
    Hero Blue is designed for accountants and bookkeepers to streamline record keeping for finance schedules.
  • How can I use Hero Blue?
    We have a range of instructional videos here to get you started. If you prefer step by step instructions you can find them below: 1. Create an Account. 2. Setup your Subscription (optional). 3. Create the entity in which the schedule is for. 4. Link your entity to Xero 5. Add a schedule by entering in the loan amount, payment frequency, start date, selecting when the first payment is made and entering the number of payments and payment amounts. 6. Setup your Xero integration settings (optional)
  • Why use Hero Blue?
    Apart from being a free schedule generation and storage software our paid Xero Integration is a real time saver. Introducing Hero Blue’s auto sync to Xero Feature. You can find this in your Xero Integration settings. Once your schedule is set up within Hero Blue and Auto Sync is enabled, each time a scheduled payment is due to be made, Hero Blue will automatically create a Spend Money transaction within Xero which keeps your finance schedule perfectly reconciled. On the same day, the payment should come into Xero on the bank feed and Xero should automatically see the amount as a match, making it as simple as clicking the “OK” button in Xero to keep your finance schedules all reconciled.
  • I don’t use Xero. Is Hero Blue still for me?
    Whether you have no clients at all on Xero or all your clients are on Xero or anywhere in between Hero Blue is still a valuable tool. Hero Blue’s free plan takes care of your finance schedule generation and storage. For our Xero users, we believe Hero Blue is an invaluable tool to save you time. Users only pay based on the number of active schedules which you are integrating with Xero. You can find out more about how our pricing works below:
  • How do your plans work?
    Hero Blue tracks the total number of schedules which are actively syncing or have been synced to Xero before, against your current connection cap plan limit.
  • Is there a way to stop schedules counting towards my connection cap?
    At the moment the only way to stop a schedule that has been synced to Xero previously counting towards your connection cap is to delete it. We are planning on introducing an archiving feature in the near future which will mean you can keep that history without it counting towards your cap.
  • What if I make a mistake when generating my schedule?
    If you generate a schedule incorrectly you can simply click the edit schedule button and update the details and regenerate. If you have already synced transactions to Xero, at this point in time you will need to manually delete those transactions and re-sync them from Hero Blue, once a schedule is regenerated the sync status of each payment will change back to not synced.
  • Can I generate schedules that have different payment amounts and balloons?
    Hero Blue has an extremely flexible schedule generation tool. Simply enter the number of payments and the payment amount in order in which they occur and our software will generate your schedule accordingly. If you make a mistake, you can simply drag and drop the order of the payments and regenerate your schedule.
  • My financing arrangement has a monthly fee, how does Hero Blue deal with this?"
    Hero Blue has recently been updated to deal with monthly administration fees charged by finance suppliers. You can set the administration fee about and the chart of accounts line you wish for it to be synced to in our premium versions where Xero integration is enabled.
  • Can I share my schedule with other people or users within my organisation?
    Hero Blue now allows subscribers to share entities with other people and users within their organisation. What this will mean is that all schedules under that entity will be visible to whomever those entities are shared with. With varying levels of permissions and controls.
  • How can I obtain an invoice for my subscription?
    You can download a copy of all monthly subscription invoices from within Heroblue, simply head to and log in. From there click settings > billing & subscription which will redirect you to the HeroBlue stripe portal. At the bottom of the page, you can find a full invoice history where you can click each invoice. Upon clicking an individual invoice you will be taken to a page where you can download a copy of the invoice and receipt.
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